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Sunpower Strategic Analysis for Expansion to Thailand Alexis OrsetLukas Radzevicius Johanna Wais Adrien Podda Lukas Radzevicius Johanna Wais Alex Orset Professor: Dr. Stefan Lippert 2014 Summary: Abstract To define SunPpower’s strategic expansion plan to Thailand, we firstly looked at the external environment. We have analyzed different aspects of the country , starting from solar radiation coverage, population composition, political, legal environments and energy disposition among on-grid/ - off-grid. Further, we analyzed present competitors and then with various frameworks, like PestelPESTEL and Porter five forces. Wwe saw that Thailand has substantial potential in terms to start…show more content…
Thailand has also developed and promoted the use of wind turbines to generate electricity. In 2012, Thailand generated about 111.7 MW of electricity from wind energy. By 2021, the Thai government's goals are to increase the use of alternative electric energy to about 25% of fossil fuel use and to achieve 1800 MW of electricity output from wind energy. This article will present a critical review of the current status of wind energy in Thailand, including future plans for using wind energy in place of fossil fuels – oil, natural gas, and coal – to generate electricity. EEXTERNAL ANALYSIS Marketing segmentation for Thailand in perspective of Sun-Power To reflect define the Thailand’son market segments, in Thailand we will analyze common needs and priorities for Solar Industry according to in general in perspective of geographic, demographic and more specific, current solar energy segment. Segmentation is important because after that we willit will enable us to define see what kind of strategies could be used to identify and target customers to to achieve a marketing plan objective and create differentiation strategies, involving specific products or product lines depending on the specific demand and attributes of the target segment. Thailand in Geographic
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