Last Supper Analysis

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Saving of the ‘Last Supper’ When thinking about what current art news event to discuss about in my paper, I came across an article about the saving of the painting ‘Last Supper’. I immediately knew this would be an interesting topic to discuss, because the painting itself, is one of the most valued pieces of artwork to be created. The article is titled “Eataly Helping to Save Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ With ‘Advanced Air Filtration System’” written by a well-educated man, named Nate Freeman. This article is flooded with great information on how and why it has been becoming less visible over time and causing people to panic. When you read the word “Saving” in the titles of the article you start to wonder what is actual happening to this…show more content…
With the painting being a huge part of the religious community, it was felt that it should be taken care of immediately because it is a sign of worship and the origin of their faith. When reading the article about the plan the art community had proposed to save this piece, I automatically started wondering about even more futuristic solutions that could be applied. Unfortunately, I later found myself googling ideas how to save and preserve artwork for eternity for about two hours the following night after reading Freemans article and I was not let down by the results. The idea this is, that the author Nate Freeman, who wrote “Eataly Helping to Save Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ With ‘Advanced Air Filtration System’” can capture the reader with interesting ideas and futuristic thoughts and bring them into the readings more. Allowing more people to share knowledge and connect to one another sharing common interests about a certain subject is a brilliant idea that was shown in the article written by Freeman. The text was organized tremendously well which made it easier to read and comprehend, allowing myself to go into greater detail when discussing my own reactions to this…show more content…
Involving science with the art community with the preservation of the ‘Last Supper’ all packed into one, was a cluster of valuable information, that was very interesting to read about. I agree with his methods and thoughts and I found this article very informative and very well written and I suggest, that this article be more known to the art world, as it shares detailed and important innovations being done to the preservation of the pieces of artwork. I was not disappointed by what I read, but instead it allowed me to learn more about a current event. This event will soon no longer be a problem in the art industry due to the hard work done by men and women to prevent these kind of
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