Last Year, I Procured An Interview That Substantially Altered

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Last year, I procured an interview that substantially altered my outlook on TV and films. Until I spoke with Kyle Hester, I was utterly clueless about independent films or crowdfunding--I didn 't even know the term "indie film." As far as I was concerned, Hollywood made the films, and I paid the money to go see them, and they earned the "big bucks." In spite of knowing virtually nothing about Kyle, I contacted him for an interview. He agreed, and seriously, the rest is history. As a result of his kindness in educating me in the ways of indie film, I am now a champion for these sometimes neglected but rapidly expanding genre. Recently, I spoke with Kyle again as he is attempting to fund one of his most ambitious projects yet--Preacher Six.…show more content…
It is pretty intense. Oh, I know it 's intense. It wouldn 't be the typical genre I would watch. Me neither. But for what it is, I think it 's a really good film. Now, Zombie With a Shotgun. What is the status of that film? Did you guys finish filming it completely? I would say as far as I know, it 's like ninety percent finished filming. I know Hilton {Ruiz} wants to add a little something special to it. I don 't know how far along on that process he is, but yes, it 's mostly filmed. Hilton still has the Go Fund Me Page for Zombie With a Shotgun, right? Yes, that is right. Does he have any idea when that will be finished? I think it depends somewhat on the funds and the schedule of the actors involved. It seemed like you guys had a blast filming that. Oh yeah, it was a whirlwind ten days in Manhattan. It was good times. It was ninety-seven degrees in a basement where we were for three days. I think I got a little dehydrated. I don 't think I 'd ever been that close to heat stroke. {laughs} It was so hot for so long. It was crazy, but we all made it. Well, that 's the most important thing, right? That 's what so cool about independent films. You have those kinds of stories as opposed to what you hear from a Hollywood studio. Sometimes the stories I hear from filming in a traditional studio are not that exciting. But indie films always have those interesting

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