Last of the Mohicans Movie Review Essay example

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The last of the Mohicans review

The last of the Mohicans was a movie that really appealed to me from the beginning because of the heroism and the action into it. The main characters in this movie were Daniel day- Lewis as Nathanial Poe (Hawkeye) and Madeline Stowe as Cora Munro. The movie could be described as a romantic action like a Spiderman or a superman movie always needs the girl to give motivation to the main character but it is a historical drama. The movie was 112 minutes long, it contains three languages English, French and Mohawk, it was filmed in the USA, it was released in September 1992 and its tagline was the first American hero, it is also based on the novel of James Fennimore cooper. It is about the French and British
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Natives in this movie are seen as weaklings and they were only used for their cunning fighting strategies and also their resources like food and homes, the French and British did not care about the natives they only cared about how they could get more land and more powerful, although the natives allied with the French or the British they still disliked them for what they were doing to their homes and culture. The movie does not harm the native’s picture to the world because they were the ones who were weak and hurt in the movie it gave people something to think about like how the English and French could do this to the natives and what are the consequences of the actions that were taken by the French or the British. The movie also gives the feeling of sympathy towards the natives and fills you up with hatred towards the Europeans who invaded the natives land. The movie also shows us the way the natives dressed which were just long pieces of cloths and leather pants which were cut off at the crouch for a relaxed fit, also the way they ate which was hunting deer and elk and gathering berries and vegetables, it also showed their language and a little spiritual scenes when they shot an elk. It gave me anal
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