Lasting Effect Of Marketing On Children Essay

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Lasting Effect of Marketing to Children
In the past few decades, fast food companies has invested heavily in advertising to children and young adults, in return they’ll become the future of consumers of the next generation prolong business profits. Children between the ages 8 to 12 years old are exposed highest to fast food media marketing and those years are critical stages of development as this forms their eating habits for adulthood. Fast food corporations are utilizing all sources of outlet to advertise to children, from school bus to mobile phone advertisements, wherever media can reach children’s attention. The unmindful marketing tactics fast food industries markets their products to unsophisticated young minds has traumatic lasting affect throughout their adulthood. In the recent years, the amount of money fast food industries spent on marketing and advertising to adolescents is astounding. According to Yale news article by Megan Orciari, in 2012 the food industry has spent over $4.6 billion in advertising unhealthy products to children. “Most advertising promotes unhealthy regular menu items and often takes unfair advantage of young people’s vulnerability to marketing, making it even tougher for parents to raise healthy children.” One of the largest children advertiser is McDonald, McDonald spent 2.7 times more than other advertisers combined to market their products to children and teens. With such investment fast food industries insure advertisements are placed
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