Lasting Effects Of Pornography

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Revenge Porn, It’s Lasting Effects and How to Fight Back Karen E Ciampo Mesa Community College Revenge Porn, It’s Lasting Effects and How to Fight Back Revenge pornography, also called nonconsensual pornography, has become quite the controversial topic over the past few years. This issue has affected and infiltrated the lives of people including everyday Janes to celebrities like Emma Watson and Mischa Barton. This article outlines someone who fell prey to this harassment and was victimized by her ex-boyfriend. It also goes in to other experiences and the legal ramifications and paths that are available, shedding light on the issue in its entirety. Sex is one of the most intimate acts that can occur between two people. When you enter a sexual relationship of any nature, the assumption is that relationship stays between you and your partner(s). Before the invention of the internet and social media, you could take pictures on a camera or a video recorder to keep for yourself. Now, with cameras and videos on our phones, and being able to access social media from our phones, an inappropriate upload only takes seconds. It only takes a scorned, irrational person to display your private affairs to the world. In many young relationships, sexting (the exchange of sexually charged texts and photos) is popular. Even if you don’t want to share these things publicly, you are pressed to make these exchanges and often fall prey to the pressure. This is what happened with Rachel. After
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