Lasting Effects of the Holocaust

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The Holocaust not only affected the areas where it took place, it affected the entire world. Even though Jewish people were the main victims in the Holocaust, it also left lasting effects on other groups of people. Both the Nazi and Jewish decedents still feel the aftermath of one of the most horrific counts of genocide that the world has ever encountered. The cries of the victims in concentration camps still ring around the globe today, and they are not easily ignored. Although the Holocaust took place during World War Two, the effects that it had on the world are still prominent today. The Holocaust was a very impressionable period of time. It not only got media attention during that time, but movies, books, websites, and other forms…show more content…
The Holocaust made being proud of oneself a crime. It attacked the Jewish people religion, way of life, and self-pride. They feared for their children’s futures, and their grandchildren’s future. To them, being Jewish wasn’t worth going to concentration camps to fight for their heritage. The Holocaust was one of the first giant acts of genocide. It brought light to the horrific acts of racism that the world still faces today. The Nazi’s were not only trying to destroy Jewish people, they were trying to kill all of the Polish and Roman people as well (HARFF 6). They believed that these types of people were evil and did not deserve to live on the same earth with them. Acts of hate have steamed from the Holocaust and still continue to be an issue today. The Holocaust is often compared to civil rights movements, terrorism, and other acts of hate against a certain group of people or a race of people. Because Hitler inhabited most of Germany with his camps and army so that his genocide would be successful, the Jewish people that got the chance to escape ran to places like Poland and other parts of Europe (GOTTFRIED 3). This brought destruction down upon their places of refuge. Many countries protected their boarders so that Jewish people could not seek shelter in their homeland and bring death and destruction to their country (GOTTFRIED 4). Hitler created a bad reputation that followed the Jewish people wherever they went, and some countries

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