Late Adulthood Observation : Early Adulthood

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Late Adulthood Observation The group I chose to observe is late adulthood. I proceeded to observe late adulthood people at the Eagle’s Bingo. The group participating in Bingo is a large group and consists of men and women, with very few young people. I observed the players for quite a long time and found the experience interesting. I noticed many different interactions among the group members but the most important is a lack of exclusion of any member from the group. The group consisted of people of many different nationalities, Oriental, Native American, American, from my observations. The cultural similarities seemed to span with the love of Bingo and brought many different type of people together. I arrived at the Eagle’s club in Kalispell, around midday, before the Bingo games began. I choose a seat where I would be hardly noticed while I observed the other players. The pregame consisted of the players visiting with each other and buying their cards. I noticed many of the women seemed to know each other quite well and from my observation this was not only a Bingo game but a social gathering to visit with each other. Bingo seemed to bring a variety of people together whom knew each other quite well. The observation I made was they may have known each other for many years from the way they interacted with each other. The clothing the women dressed in was similar to each other. The most popular dress was jeans and gabardine slacks with nice shirts or sweatshirt
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