Late Adulthood Essay

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Late Adulthood (age 60 – 80)

During this closing period in the life span of human beings, people tend to "move away" from previous more desirable periods often known as "usefulness".

Age sixty is usually considered the dividing line between middle and old age. It is the time where you are considered an "elderly"- meaning somewhat old or advanced beyond middle age.

Period of decline – comes partly from physical and partly psychological factors. The physical cause of decline is a change in the body cells due to the effects of the aging process. The psychological cause of decline has something to do with unfavorable attitudes towards oneself, other people, work and life in general.

Senility – ("senile") a more or less
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Head region –

Mouth changes shape

Tooth loss


Eyes seem dull and lusterless

Double chin

Cheeks become pendulous, wrinkled and baggy

Skin becomes dry with dark spots, moles and warty….

Hair becomes gray or white and lessens

Trunk Region –

Shoulders stoop and seem smaller

Abdomen bulges and droops

Hips become flabbier and broader

Woman's breasts sag and droop

Limbs –

The upper arm becomes flabby and heavy

Lower arms seem to shrink

Hands and feet become scrawny and veins begin to appear

Nails become thick and brittle

Internal Changes –

Bones become brittle and are subject to fractures and breaks

Regulation of body temperature is impaired (too cold, too hot)

Sensory changes – all the sense organs function less efficiently

Motor Ability Changes – most old people move more slowly and are less coordinated. These changes include a decrease in strength and energy, stiff joints….etc…

Change in Mental Abilities –

Learning - the elderly have difficulty in learning new skills taking them longer time to learn the skill and also coming up with less satisfactory results in the particular skill than a younger person.

Memory - Old people tend to have poor recent memories but better remote memories. This may be due partly to the fact that they are not always strongly motivated to remember things,
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