Essay on Late Adulthood

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Late Adulthood and Death
Crystal Leden
February 20, 2013
Shannon Hilligoss

Late Adulthood and Death

In this paper I will be looking at ageism and stereotypes that associated with late adulthood, evaluating how people in late adulthood can promote health and wellness to help prevent the negative effects of aging. I will also be analyzing the importance of relationships and social interactions towards the end of a person’s life and identifying the cultural and personal attitudes about death and dignity in late adulthood.
The word ageism means anyone over 60.Ageism is a form of prejudice where people are categorized based on their age. There are more differences in development in late adulthood than in the other stages. At
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There are three different groups in late adulthood. The first one being young-old, this group is the largest group, most of people in this group are completely independent. The next group is old-old, this group may have some health issues such as memory loss and weight loss, but they are independent and actually take care of other people. The last group is oldest-old, this group is dependent on others to take care of them and some are in put in nursing homes.
As a person ages their nutritional needs change. For the most part all the requirements are the same just less of them. Because they have slower metabolism and do not do as much the need for larger amounts of calories is no longer there. Most elderly people do not dink enough fluids, part of this is do the as they age they become less aware that they are thirsty. This has to do with their kidneys and bladder not working as well. By not drinking enough fluids they become a higher risk for dehydration. Also by not drinking enough the age faster and their skin shows more sings of aging. Exercise is important but older people do not exercise enough or at all. This party because they as they age they lose range of movement. Most exercise class and sports activities do not offer classes or are not set up for the older people in the community. Weight training is good for the elderly it helps to keep their strength up. The simplest everyday things can count as exercise and help keep them
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