Late Term Abortion On Abortion Essay

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Monique Robinson
Professor Samulowitz
ENG 200
December 6, 2016
Late Term Abortion
Late term abortion, whereby of twenty weeks an unborn fetus is injected with Dignoxin, giving the fetus a painful fatal heart attack and allowing the women’s body to undergo physical repercussions. The procedure takes the women through three to four days of painful incisions and contractions until the abortion’s complete. The procedure may not always succeed which can lead to unexpected live births. The mother may also experience some effects after the abortion, such as minor spotting to serious complications like a hemorrhage. Women, who have abortions, increase the chances of having future pregnancy complications.
George Tiller, a late term abortionist, created the technique used across the states known as the MOLD Technique. MOLD, an acronym for the four ingredients utilized during the procedure: Misoprostol, Oxytocin, Laminaria and Digoxin. The use of this technique can occur as early as twenty weeks to as far as thirty-five weeks into the pregnancy. When a woman can have an abortion depends on the state the woman decides to have the procedure done (“Operation Rescue,” 2016).
U.S. Supreme Court stands firm on the idea of restricting a woman 's right to an abortion according to the individual state. Forty-three states ban abortions after a certain time period in pregnancy. Nineteen of those states prohibits abortions at fetal viability, while three states ban the procedure in the third

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