Essay on Later Adulthood Development

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Later Adulthood Development Report September 2, 2013 Later Adulthood is a period of many changes. According to Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, “Later adulthood is the last major segment of the life span” (p.587). Individuals who are in going through their later adulthood are experiencing and dealing with an immense amount of emotions and feelings. There are several areas of an individual’s life that are effected by later adulthood. An individual’s work life, health, marriage, living situation, family relationships, and social relationships are all things that can be affected in some way by later adulthood. It is important for one to understand to the best of their ability the processes and events that take place in later adulthood,…show more content…
Many times in later adulthood individuals lose their spouse and must adjust to living at home alone. Sometimes they fall ill or are just no longer physically capable to take care of themselves so they move in with their children or other family members. Sometimes moving in with family can be hard to deal with. It can cause stress on the whole family because the family may not have enough time and energy to take care of an elderly person plus their normal work and family life. It can be hard on the individual as well because they have played the “parent” role their whole life and now must abide by other people or even their children’s rules. The individual may feel scared that they are invading others privacy and being a burden. They may be worried that their new roommates will change who they are by changing eating habits, or smoking habits, or other habits they may have. Health care is important, and many times family members are unable to provide it to their elderly loved ones. Nursing homes are an alternative to living alone, moving in with incapable family, and long term hospitalization. “Nursing homes are classified according to the kind of care they provide” (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p.656). There are some nursing homes that simply provide room and board and minor assistance and then there are other nursing homes that provide 24 hour around the clock skilled nursing care. Usually the more medical attention giving nursing
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