Later Adulthood Development Report

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Later Adulthood Development Report Jenn BSHS/325 September 18, 2014 Later Adulthood Development Report In this report one will describe personality and social development in later adulthood to the potential client’s family. Some issues that will be addressed are the changes in role and social position during this stage. One will also compare living accommodation such as accessibility and the need for health care. Also one will illustrate the adjustment and transition from work to retirement. What changes occur in marriage, family, and peer relationships? Lastly one will identify social policies that affect the older adult. The older adults face several problems. In our society they have a role less role. It is important to find a…show more content…
When the other percentage of older adults cannot maintain to keep their homes, they will end up with relatives most likely their children. Three fourths of Americans end up living in poor-quality areas. Those who live in these deteriorating, crime-ridden, decaying neighborhoods are potentially more capable of being robbed or mugged. Fortunately there are several areas in which older people can go to where they have assisted-living options. These facilities can offer help with maintenance, daily meals, social centers, and protection. Health care will be needed more in the older population than any other. The old age is growing continuously. There are more of the older adults today than babies. Older adults are more likely to have a long-term illness. During the 80’s the government said they were no longer able to pay for health care. This resulted in eligibility and limits in paying off the payments. If limits continue to be present, this can result in the poor and older people to face untreated illnesses and have a higher risk of death. Physicians are mainly trained to watch over the youth meaning the less interest in helping the older adults. The older population will be neglected and can be mis-diagnosed. Those who also have lack of transportation will also end up with inadequate care. How is the adjustment and transition from work to retirement? The main goal of society is to maintain the work flow and keeping a high rate of employment. A factor that was used in
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