Later Adulthood

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Later Adulthood Development Report Later adulthood is the time after age 65 or the last segment of life. This doesn’t mean life ends, rather it’s a new beginning or a new chapter of your life. This is such a diverse age range. It can span over 30 years. Many things change during this stage in age. We are transitioning into retirement or partial retirement for the more adventurous ones. Our living arrangements may change and there are many relationship changes during this stage of life too. Changes and lots of them As we transition into later adulthood many things change. We are retiring, going to retire or partially retire in the next few years. Retiring brings on a lot of changes social settings and role changes. We go from being…show more content…
Maybe this isn’t what you want. There are other options out there. You can move to assisted living or even a nursing home if there isn’t a family member that you would like to bother the rest of your later adulthood. You may even kindle a partner relationship and move in together or even marry after a spouses passing. This means even more adjusting in your later adulthood. Not everything that is happening is for the bad some can give you a better life in the end, it all just depends on what you what out of your later adulthood. Conclusion Later adulthood can be a very trying time for individuals. They have to figure out who they are again without the help of having a job to lose themselves in. Learning to manage all the extra time on your hands will be a new and interesting idea. You can do just about anything to keep you occupied and keep you young. Just because it’s the last leg in your journey doesn’t mean you are out of the game just yet. Pick up a new hobby and make it your life or even a few hobbies and make them apart of your daily life. There is so many things that you can still do, and so much life still in you to give. There is no reason to give up living just because you’ve reached the last stage in
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