Later Starting School

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Many students, teachers, parents, and more throughout the country have a firm stance on the argument that school should start at a later time not only because of our diverse sleep patterns, but also because of the negative stress it puts on our bodies, and it even how it can influence our ability to learn. We hear of students constantly complaining about getting very little sleep every night during the school week. Many teachers, parents, and even other students getting better sleep seem to just blow it off or think that students are overexerting the problem. We are starting to see that there are actual negative effects from students, mainly in high school, losing sleep due to extra curricular activities, homework, and any other activities…show more content…
Stress on the body can lead to deeper and bigger problems such as depression. Depression in students is a very serious problem and coming on the rise. A group of economists at the Brookings Institute on concluded that, “Students at later starting schools get more sleep, perform better academically, have significantly fewer automobile accidents, report greater motivation and less depression, experience fewer physical health difficulties, are less likely to be tardy or truant, demonstrate better performance in attention level, impulsivity, and rate of performance.” This shows how stress from more homework, less time to do it, and less sleep can lead to many bigger problems and even more problems in the future. The findings from the results of this experiment show that this can be monitored and fixed by making school start at a later time, causing less stress, more sleep, and better lives for the adolescent students in the United States of America.

To conclude, we can see how not only does more sleep make us prepared and more focused for the school day, but how it also affects our positive sleeping patterns, our ability to learn, and the amount of stress that our bodies receive. We see how many liable resources were used to conclude that sleep truly is one of the most important factors in a student's everyday life and supports the idea that school should begin later for the most positive results. Starting school later will truly minimize bad sleep patterns and habits, increase the amount of learning and lastly, put less stress on our minds and
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