Lateral Collateral Ligament Research Paper

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I am an avid body builder and I am always pushing my body to its limits in the gym in order to make certain areas of my body grow to achieve an end goal. My knee has been slowing me down for a while now, and it has been an ongoing struggle to deal with. A couple months back, I was doing a movement in the gym to help my legs grow, called the squat. I was trying to squat two hundred and twenty-five pounds for about six reps. I did not know that I hurt myself until the next day. But it turns out I tore my lateral collateral ligament or LCL. The LCL is the ligament to the outer side of the knee which connects your femur to your fibula. This problem can have a couple different ways to see exactly what is happening with my knee. The main thing I see happening, is a constant miss grove when doing certain movements in the gym or a very slight limp after a vigorous day of being on my feet or working out. Symptoms for the tear in my left knee include minor pains randomly, and sometimes very severe throbbing pains if I did something to aggravate it. Also, just a constant worry of accidentally hurting myself more so than I already am. So I am…show more content…
One event is not taking the right precautions before going into big leg workouts like I was always doing. To do what I was doing in the gym, a person would need to regularly warm up properly and stretch to avoid big injuries. I would have needed a better all-around setup going into this squat to make it better. Another condition is that I often feel the need to test my strength which in my area of body building, it is not beneficial to lift a lot of weight. For other problems that could have been present during the occurrence of the central problem, I feel as though I was not in the right state of mind to be testing my strength like I was. Far too often people forget how much being in the gym is just as much mental as it is
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