Latest Controversy

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The Latest Controversy The National Football League, or NFL, has recently started enforcing strict rules regarding helmet to helmet hits; they are now fining and suspending players who commit vicious tackles or helmet to helmet hits. Many fans, players, and coaches complain against the helmet to helmet rule and grown upset about these newly enforced rules, while many still have favor for the new rule. This latest dilemma stirred up various amounts of controversies around the news and public. Several meetings and discussions took place on how the officials should officiate and make the decisions of how crucial and legal the degree of the hit made on the field. These new rules and fines should remain in the NFL to help ensure the…show more content…
The league is not changing rules or trying to change the game; the rules already account for devastating hits. The NFL focuses on stricter enforcement of the existing rules and elevated levels of discipline. The league remains concerned with their players and officiating in a way that will protect them. Stricter enforcement at the national level will help protect younger players, those against argued that coaches should be teaching proper technique at all levels, and that will bring the rate of concussions way down. In Conclusion, since the past season of the National Football League, helmet to helmet hits have raised so much controversy. Although some players and fans see the enforcement and strict discipline on these hits as weak and ill thought out, it is a much needed and important step in the right direction. The NFL has the responsibility to protect its players, to set an example for younger players, and to maintain a good reputation. With the current research regarding head injuries and concussions, and the change in the athleticism in players, it has grown especially more important to regulate play and enforce rules that are in the best interest of the player. The new enforcement of rules considering helmet to helmet hits, now a positive initial step to preventing concussions and head trauma. Therefore, with this step the NFL, taking responsibility for the safety of all football players and doing
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