Latin Americ A Great Deal Of Progress

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Although Latin America has experienced a great deal of progress since the first modern movements in the 1920s, contemporary "international" artist from Latin America still has a tough road ahead of them before they can separate their work from their roots in the eyes of the international community. But I believe that is easier today more than ever. Although I don 't want to lump all Latin American countries together, which are very different from each other, but we cannot discuss one only in Latin America. What I want to do is discuss this shared common ground of ideas that exist between the artist and work to a common history that comes from 300 years of colonial occupation by countries like Spain or Portugal. But also a shared history of modernity and the idea of progress that was very present in the continent which was also followed by repressive governments, military occupation, social inequalities as well as economic crisis. We can see how artists deal with the present, but also use the past as a tool to understand the modern art world. Latin America had a difficult time trying to find its own identity ever since the discovery of the Americas by Columbus and others during the colonial age. The awareness of the New
World lead to a mixture of indigenous and European influences through a process of rediscovery and cultural assimilation. After the days of the first modern movements of the 1920s, countries with a strong indigenous presence such as Mexico, Peru,…

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