Latin Americ The Era Of Colonization

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Latin America as continent is a very diverse, culturally, geographically and in the people who inhabit the land. Some are ancestors of the indigenous people to the land, some are African Americans whose ancestors were brought over during the slave trade, others are of European descent, specifically Spanish and Portuguese who’s ancestors came to Latin America during the late 1400’s to either acquire land through the encomienda, capitancy or intendancy system; or to follow the “Spanish Dream” of coming to the New World and creating a life with prestige and wealth. Latin America was developed through imperialism, the idea that one country could control another country and that country’s economy, and political system from outside its borders. Through this idea of imperialism came the era of colonization. Latin America was colonized by Spain and Portugal, but mostly Spain, Portugal colonized Brazil. The failure of Latin America as a state can be attributed to the act of colonization by the Spanish and Portuguese. When Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World for the Spanish in 1492 under the rule of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, he was sent with three ships, The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria, these three ships carried European men who acted as Columbus’s crewmen for the voyage. The men who were sent over to the New World brought with them the mindset of the European, as well as violence. The men sent were purposely sent from Europe to the New World to rid…
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