Latin America And The Caribbean

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Venezuela is located between Latin America & the Caribbean. North of South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana. The north of the country is bordered by the Caribbean, the east by Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean, the south by Brazil, and to the west and southwest by Colombia. Venezuela has four distinguished regions: the Venezuelan Highlands in the west, the Maracaibo Lowlands in the northwest, the vast central plain of Los Llanos around the Orinoco River, and the Guyana region in the extreme south, which includes part of the Amazon rainforest and the Guyana highlands. Venezuela’s population as of 2014 estimates is 28,868,486; 0-14 years: 28.2% (male 4,143,840/female 3,985,489), 15-24 years: 18.8% (male 2,723,856/female 2,697,672), 25-54 years: 39.6% (male 5,614,922/female 5,818,903), 55-64 years: 7.5% (male 1,030,898/female 1,137,894), and 65 years and over: 5.8% (male 755,183/female 959,829) (2014 est.)
Life expectancy is 74.39 years, 71.26 years for males and females 77.67 years. Venezuela’s GDP -per capita (PPP) was $13,600 as of 2013. The GDP per capita when adjusted by PPP is equivalent to 99% of the world’s average. The GDP - Purchasing Power Parity of Venezuela is 407 billion dollars with a global rank of 32. The GDP-Purchasing Power Parity grew by 58 percent from 2003-2013. Venezuela 's living conditions improved at a fast pace and the income difference tapered through Hugo Chavez term. Venezuela went up to…
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