Latin American Culture Analysis

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Culture is defined in our textbook Society the Basics, as “the ways of thinking, the ways of acting, and the material objects that together form a people’s way of life” (2015, p. 48). Culture includes not only ideas and customs, but also physical things in a particular society. Cultures contain elements such as symbols, languages, beliefs, values, and norms that are depended on in that society. Attitudes and habits are influenced by culture. On the other hand, social interaction is how individuals converse and act around each other, which has diverse structures in society (, 2015, p. 1). Social interaction is an everyday interaction between two or more people. This interaction could occur on diverse levels, from a brief greeting to a business meeting to a long-term relationship. Culture heavily influences the social interactions that occur in a society, since culture provides rules as to how society expects a person to act or behave socially. For instance, in the United States, culture expects individuals to arrive promptly for meetings. However, in Latin American countries, it is extremely rare for a person to show up on time. Since culture dictates how communication proceeds, this cultural expectation creates…show more content…
71). In the story “A New Yorker in Japan,” there are several examples of ethnocentrism including the following:
1. The Japanese culture does not accept other cultures easily. For instance, David Aldwinckle was required to demonstrate that he was culturally Japanese in order to become a Japanese citizen. Inspectors actually scrutinized his refrigerator for Japanese contents.
2. The Japanese culture values “collective harmony” (Marcionis, 2015, p. 49). This can create segregation with foreigners in Japan. An example is the traditional bathhouse that is only for Japanese people, excluding all
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