Latin American History

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John Van Buskirk History 131 Professor Ehrlich October 10th, 2015 Lázaro Cárdenas, Juan Perón, Jorge Gaitán and Fidel Castro are four people that are famous for what they did for their people. The main agenda of each person is what shaped that person’s future. Also every person strived to help the poor people of their country or town. Even though it did not always work in the long run. Each person had their own unique way to do this. Lázaro Cárdenas’ main agenda as president was to fix the Mexican economy. With fixing the economy he wanted to give back to the poor people of Mexico. Cárdenas did this mainly by getting rid of all the haciendas. They way haciendas had workers is by giving the workers loans and making them work to pay…show more content…
According to Cuba since 1959, his redistribution policies sought not not only to enhance the purchasing power of the poor but also to curtail that of the rich. Wage scales set minimum as well as maximum salaries. The changes in the labor policy lead to a high unemployment rate. In 1963, the Cuban economy fell even further because of the drop in sugar production. It is then that Castro learned that the economy was lead by sugar and strived for the country to produce 10 million tons of sugar thus creating more jobs. After this discovery is when the idea of Cuba operating as one central unit and the government owned everything. According to The Petrified Forest, Castro offhandedly promised to let any Cuban with relatives in the U.S. depart from the Communist island free and clear after Oct. 10th. This did not last very long. In 1970, it was reported that 8.5 million tons of sugar was produced. This was the highest in history but the price for sugar was fifteen cents below target. The price for sugar rose more than twenty cents from 1970 to 1974. The Cuban economy was fixed by the need for sugar world wide. Because each farm is owned by the government there are no wealthy people in Cuba. At the same time there are no poor people in Cuba because the government gives everyone money. The main problem Castro had was maintaining a stable economy. Communism helped the poor because it gave them money and a job but it did this by taking
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