Latin American Stereotypes

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Hollywood portrays Latin Americans as the view the United States as better a better and superior country compared to theirs. Broader political and social issues have shaped this representation, which has influenced the people’s perception of Latin Americans in the United States. The films pose Latin American as inferior in integrity and low intelligence as they are not worthy of the citizenship right in the United States. According to Berumen, Hollywood portrays the Latin as inevitably seeking political and social guidance, acceptance, and "enlightenment" of the Anglo, which is in this case the United States (P.14). Berumen believes that the negative stereotypes portrayed that is predictable, are aspiring the American dream to have a better…show more content…
For instance, in the film “Jack and Jill”, the Mexican garden jokes about how his wife is trying to sneak into heaven, referring back to the issue of illegal immigration . They always try to view them as the outsiders and others as they are not similar to the American Anglos. Hollywood does not show the talents that the immigrant talent might have, but instead, the roles that they portrays tend to be offensive for the most part and downright racist with the exception of films. Berumen continues as racism and prejudice festered and flourished in films, and people of darker skins were the primary victims: Latins, Blacks, American Indians, and Asians (p.13) The racism towards Latin American also goes back before the cinematic revolution, as the Anglos see themselves as a better race and ethnic group then the lotions, which the idea is transmitted to film screens later on. Hollywood is trying to portray the United States as the land of opportunities, chances and dreams, unlike how it portrays the Latin American countries as sad, dangerous, and no opportunities are available. The way that the American cinema draws the stereotypes tends to stick with viewers, for instance, my friend and I were talking about Latin America and she said that she would never go there because it is “dangerous
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