Latin And The United States

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Latin family in the U.S.A There have been many negative comments about Latinos in the past and till this day. Even though Latinos are a growing community are still criticized for apparently: not doing anything productive for the states, coming from a different culture and not being able to succeed in life. Latinos are brought down for all the wrong reason and by those who have no knowledge of what and who Latinos really are. Other races that have not interacted with Latinos before or do not approve of them to be in the United States, even when those Latinos are U.S citizens, receive negative comments that they do not belong here and should return to their country. What they do not know is that Latinos are a hard working community doing many jobs other people would not even cross their minds to work and to top of it all off for a minimum wage or even less. Even for those who are immigrants who decide to risk their lives and leave their family behind they do not come here just to ask for money, they look for ways to start working and earn money they way it is suppose to be earned to send back to the family they just left behind for a better future. They could go from working sunrise to sundown in construction, they become janitors, butchers, housemaids, and all for a low pay. But they sacrifice themselves to help their family and always give them the best they can. Some of the Latinos who came into the Untied States with young children, start school at a young age and learn
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