Latino Immigrants Stereotypes

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Latinos are all illegal immigrants/dangerous thugs who sleep around, do drugs, and break the law, universal generalizations seen in the twenty-first century. Stereotypes have become a method of systematic suppression in America, a way to judge Latino immigrants and their children, to trap them in an endless cycle of misery and discrimination. Michael Dorris perfectly explains negative stereotypes influencing a minority in “Crazy Horse Malt Liquor”. Dorris describes the stereotypical views of Native Americans, and how they have a pattern of being negative, similar to how stereotypes about Latinos tend to be negative. The people of America form opinions based on stereotypes, stereotypes about Latinos that aren’t necessarily true. Stereotypes have become part of a system;Hollywood exploits them and then used as a form of judgment, which harms both the physical and mental health of both Latino immigrants and Latino citizens. I first wanted to look at how stereotypes about Latino immigrants influenced children, particularly in school systems. The article “Double Disadvantage or Signs of Resilience? The Elementary School Contexts of Children From Mexican Immigrant Families”, by Robert Crosnoe, examines the effect negative stereotyping has had on children of Latino immigrants, specifically in the education system. Children of Latino immigrants represent one of the fastest growing populations in the American education system (Crosnoe). Crosnoe claims that Latino children are also
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