Latino Religion

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Throughout this semester we have focus on a variety of topics that relate to the Latino community. I found all the topics very interesting but, the one that got my attention the most is religion and sexual orientation within the Latino community. I found really interesting how religion shapes gay men or women in the Latino community. For my final paper for this class, I want to take a different approach, I want to talk about how religion and cultural beliefs affect the life of gay Latino men. In the book “The Rain God” by Arturo Islas, on his book he talks about how it was hard for Miguel Chico to come out the closet to his family because of these catholic church beliefs they have. In the other side there’s the film “La Mission” directed by Peter Bratt who did a great job on showing…show more content…
This articles explores how was their life was growing up as Catholics, and what steps they took to find themselves a place where they felt welcome. The other article I decide to use takes also a similar approach as the one before “The Gay Second Generation: Sexual Identity and Family Relations of Filipino and Latino Gay Men” by Anthony C Ocampo explores the idea of Latino men, who are immigrants to the U.S but also gay and the things they need go through to survive in a Latino family that hold big standards for them. The last source I will be using for my paper is the “Towards a New Consciousness” by Gloria Anzaldúa which is a very philosophical article, you need to re-read it twice to understand I better. I like this article because it explores many different areas not just gay men but also women which is the main focus of this
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