Latino Student Fund : Supporting Education Essay

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Latino Student Fund: Supporting Education in a Changing World As I exited the metro bus and stepped into the cold, wet, and way-too-early Saturday morning air, my mind pounded with the self-scolding, “Why am I awake. Why am I awake?”. The second I looked up at the grey-blue sky, however, all dread evaporated. Instead, the gorgeous sight ahead filled me with an incredulous awe. The Washington National Cathedral stood towering in cream-colored splendor, its richly detailed Gothic architecture almost too picturesque to fathom. Intricate spires stood proudly against the low-hanging clouds, as if taunting them to rain. Stunned, I began to follow my friends along a blue stone path surrounded by vivid greenery. As I walked, the chill air invigorated my lungs with each breath, filling me with a sort of peaceful energy. The path led to a smaller, yet still grandiose building which we entered through two large glass doors. Once inside the beautiful building, however, the scene was anything but picturesque. Instead, the one-hundred-plus students attending the Latino Student Fund program had already begun to arrive, their entire families in tow. The students ranged in age from Pre-K to 12th grade, creating a dynamic of almost tangible chaos. The cafeteria had been divided into two sections: a small sitting area for the parents, who often stay during the program, and a much larger section of cafeteria tables at which the students work. Because the program had not yet begun,

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