Laughter : A Bond Between Friends

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A bond never broken

Out of all the things people have in common what is the one component that brings friends closer ? Laughter. Laughter is a drug you don’t have to physically take to feel good.Even though humor has no real health benefits and in some ways can be dangerous, a bond between friends can be created through laughter because humor is good psychologically and laughter unites people.There is a story I can recall about me and a friend, and it made us closer than anything else could. In that moment I felt as if I made a friend for life. Laughter is something that we share among others and can in ways be one of the best feelings in the world.
If we reminisce on our childhood we would realize that most of our friendships was created through laughter. In fact as kids all we did was laugh and we used it as the basis of our relationships. Now that we are much older there’s other factors that play into making friends but laughter is still as prevalent in our relationships as it was back in the day when we were children. Dating back to 7th grade there was a time where I was at track practice and it was a day where we would run from school to Chrissy Fields which is in between one to three miles. The same day during class I wasn 't feeling so well, but I thought I was well enough to make the run, but boy was I wrong.I had three of my closest friends run with me, Dekembae, Jay, and Minkyu. On the trail I would make frequent stops to the nearest bathroom to release…
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