Laughter And Music Can Give You Overall Better Health

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Michaela Gianci Mrs. Paone English H 6 October 2014 How Laughter and Music can give you overall better health Laughter and music are very important in many people’s lives. Whether it is a funny joke, seeing something that’s amusing, or starting the day listening to a favorite song, Laughter and music can make a person feel good. Not many people realize the health benefits that come with laughter and music; both can affect a person’s health in a positive way. This research paper will explain the ways that both laughter and music can affect the way one’s mind works, how it improves the way one functions, and how it has a positive effect on one’s own health overall. Many people do not realize…show more content…
There are many health benefits that come with laughter. First of all, laughter and exercise share many similar characteristics. When you have a good laugh you get a feeling in your stomach just like when you’ve had a really good workout. Both can boost your health, and ultimately make you stronger. Sometimes people are faced with tough situations that we have no control over. In those times you can either get worked up about them, or you can lighten up the situation and have a good laugh, laughing will help you cope in those unexpected times and help you get through it. It can make anyone feel better from a difficult situation and that is a great benefit. With that said, laughing can decrease stress. When we are faced with anxiety, stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine start to get high. Lots of laughter will decrease those stress hormones and make you feel better. According to “67 million American adults suffer with high blood pressure that’s 1 of every 3 adults”. Laughter can improve cardiac health; laughter can lower the balance of high blood pressure and is known to increase blood flow. When you are laughing that is causing your blood to circulate, and increases oxygen. This is what helps fight against heart disease. “Laughing 100 times is equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine or 15 minutes on a bike machine” according to a researcher on
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