Laughter Is An Essential Part Of Life

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This is no joke. A huge bellowing laugh or even a small quiet one creates a feeling of ease on people and those around them. Scientific research has figured out that it not only makes a person feel good but that it actually has medicinal qualities. The Webster-Merriam dictionary defines medicine as “The science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease” (“Medicine”). The definition of “medicine” creates a large gray area in which many items can fall into this category. Therefore, laughing falls into this category as a medicine. Laughter is an essential part of life and has been linked to promote a healthy state of mind and a healthier physical state in humans. What exactly is laughter? Laughter is the body 's physiological response to things we find humorous. The process of a laugh is extremely complex and stimulates nearly the entire body, especially the brain.
First the left side of the cortex fires, which analyzes the words and the structure of the joke. Then the frontal lobe, which is associated with emotional responses, becomes very active. Next, the right side of the cortex analyzes and “gets” the joke. Then brainwaves spread to the occipital lobe where any visual signals given are processed. Finally, the motor sections are stimulated creating the physical response to the joke, what is known as laughing. (Brain)
Some people find humor in jokes or actions that other people find annoying or obnoxious. Laughing
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