Launching Self Service Lockers Essay

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Launching self-service lockers In a modern fast paced world, people seek instant gratification. On a national level this can be seen in companies such as Mc Donald’s which have adopted this notion by preparing hot, quick food for customers. This can be delivered on a local level as well as we see in a company like Comet Cleaners which offers a same-day service. According to Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert, Neil Patel, “Humans are hardwired to want things -- now. It’s called instant gratification, and it’s a powerful force.” The sensation associated with instant gratification is a delightful feeling. A feeling of seeking pleasure, which can be easily fulfilled in today’s world. One simple form of instant gratification is the desire of wanting packages to arrive faster. While online retail stores utilize standard mail carriers,, has found a way to meet faster delivery demands. Releasing their new, self-service lockers, Amazon is able to leverage their title as the “e-retail giant.” With a majority of people wanting instant gratification, online retail businesses should cater to and satisfy the wishes of consumers. Patel argues, “The most important thing is not necessarily to feed your customer’s hunger right away, but to be completely transparent with them about what you can and can’t provide.” Some online retail stores can provide twenty-four seven live chat while others can send out auto-response emails. These types of measures have become the

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