Launching The New Engineered Jeans Essay

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Launching The New Engineered Jeans

2.1 Introduction

The outline bellows gives an overview of the new engineered jean that
Levis will be launching


A top-end Jean in straight cut that is fits snugly and is flattering, well cut using the engineered technology



Target Segment

Fashion conscious female


2.2 Objectives of the Launch

* Break into Womenswear Market
* Re-launch Engineered technology to emphasise fit
* Make consumer aware of new product
* Increase sales of engineered Jeans

2.3 The Marketing mix

2.3.1 Segment

The Women’s market has been the by far the strongest sector in terms of increased sales since Jeans sales began to boom in
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Attracting customers is all about having a really good fitting Jean” (Drapers Record, 6/3/04)

Levis can use the engineered technology as a basis to promote a Jean that is a perfect fit.

2.3.3 Price

By placing this product at the top end of their price bracket, Levi’s will add perceived value to the new jeans, emphasising the benefits of this product.

2.3.4 Period

Denim has been widely predicted to be a strong trend in Spring/Summer
2005 (Drapers, 27/7/04) . Levi’s should launch the new product in the middle of this season, as the look is taking off, ensuring that the date is not to close to the launch of a new range of Jeans from Calvin
Klein, also to be launched in this season ( 27/8/2004)

2.3.5 Promotion

With the exception of some recent Printed Adverts, Levis have not advertised an women-specific product since 1996 (Foster, 03/2004).
Levi’s are not currently attracting the target segment for this new product, so it will be important to produce a strong promotional campaign that makes the consumer aware of how the engineered Jeans have developed.

“Younger Consumers are definitely influenced by the presence of celebrities” (Mintel, 04/03)

Celebrity endorsement is a strategy that has worked for Gap (,
31/10/04). Levi’s have previously worked with Beyonce Knowles (,
19/11/04). Working with Beyonce again to create both printed and television will be beneficial as she is perceived as stylish
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