Laundry Detergent

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Laundry Detergent
October 9, 2011
Jessica L. Kelley
Principals of Marketing
Bennett Hirsch
American Continental University

From my research and what I have learned, there are three marketing environment forces that will impact laundry detergent. The paper describes each and analyzes why and how it will impact laundry detergent. It also goes over the strategies to overcome the threats.

Laundry Detergent
The marketing environment is what surrounds and what impacts an organization the most. It is the forces outside of the marketing of a product that affects the ability of management to build and maintain a relationship
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But with teams in place to make sure that the product is advertised correctly to make sure that the product is sold. Keeping the products selling is the best way to keep making profits and getting more customers.
The next is the technology of the company that we can see if one thing breaks or is outdated then the entire system to produce the detergent will be stopped. Cost tons of money to fix and also cost tons of money from the sales that would have to stop when getting the issue fixed. The way that we can make sure this does not happen would be a team in place to check the equipment and make sure that if one thing is being worn down then we get it fixed before it breaks the system. If we do not have to pay tons of money to fix the machines then we will only be losing out the amount for the cost of the employees to keep an eye on the machines.
Last but not least is the competitive landscape of the industry. For those in the industry it could be do or die if they do not find the consumers to purchase their product. The smaller companies need to give the extra with their customer service and making specialized products to be able to compete with the larger companies that are able to more in the long run. That is the best stagey that we can look at is to make sure that we are showing the
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