Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate Essay

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Can a book truly relay a cultural aspect of a culture well enough so that we see the true cultural believes of a country? To this I think yes, “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel represents many cultural aspects of the Mexican cultural life style throughout the entire novel using everything from small cultural references to large references. This is due mainly to Laura Esquivel being from Mexico and having string cultural beliefs. Laura Esquivel from what Gale Contextual Encyclopedia tells us “Esquivel was born on September 30, 1950, in Mexico City, the daughter of Julio Caesar, a telegraph operator, and Josephine Esquivel.”(Gale encyclopedia, 560). From her being so tied to her culture we get a deeper point of view on the Mexican…show more content…
Laura Esquivel uses this cultural aspect to her advantage to truly represent Mexico’s culture in her novel Like Water for Chocolate. In her novel Like Water for Chocolate the death of Mama is a huge facture in Tita’s life and is for representing the Mexican culture of this text. Without truly understanding the meaning for someone to have a peaceful afterlife you are lost, because with Mexico’s culture they believe in either a peaceful after life or a restless one were someone is haunted. In this novel we see that Laura Esquivel is deeply influenced by her culture and how she was raised by her representing the true Mexican belief in life after death. The belief in life after death is present all through Mexico’s culture and is understandable that Laura Esquivel depicts this aspect of her homes culture. See was raised in the epicenter of Mexico’s culture in Mexico City. Mexico City is thought to be the birth place to much of Mexico’s culture and believes. In The Spectacular City the author Merrim says “Mexico City helps re-embody a literary history that up to now has largely derived it’s coherence from extrinsic criteria like dates and places or from disciplinary criteria such as literary period characteristics”(Merrirm 5). Also helping intensify Laura’s strong cultural is her living through one of the roughest times in American culture living through the 20th century. This is due mainly because
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