Laura Wingfield Glass Menagerie

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The “Glass Menagerie” is a play, which takes place in St. Louis, Missouri. The main characters are Tom Wingfield, Amanda Wingfield, Tom’s mother, Laura Wingfield, Tom’s older sister, and Jim O’Conner, Laura’s gentleman caller. Laura Wingfield owns and collects a glass menagerie that is very symbolic throughout the play. A glass menagerie is a collection of animals that are kept to be trained or exhibited. Laura takes pride in her glass menagerie. Laura’s glass menagerie is an escape to her own little world. Laura Wingfield has a disability with her leg; one leg is shorter than the other. This defect has separated her from society and makes her feel isolated and unaccepted. The defect makes it hard for her to have self-confidence. Throughout…show more content…
Jim and Laura talk about their memories like him calling her Blue Roses because she had pleurosis. Jim called her Blue Roses because he thought she said Blue Roses and not pleurosis. Jim also mentions Laura’s shyness and says that she will gradually grow out of it. It seems like Jim actually cares about Laura throughout the play because he is complimenting her and giving her advice. Laura mentions to Jim that her glass menagerie takes up a great deal of her time. Jim said Laura’s problem is that she low rates herself. Laura is often compared to her glass menagerie because she is very fragile and beautiful just like her glass menagerie. Laura’s exterior is very delicate because of her disability in her leg. Laura’s personality is also delicate because she freaks out at social challenges and disperses from them. Laura is very unique in numerous ways. That is where her nickname Blue Roses came from. Blue roses are very unique just like Laura. Jim noticed that Laura was one-in-a-million. Amanda was trying to make Laura something that she was not. Jim accepted Laura as she was and Laura loved him for…show more content…
This was very symbolic because a unicorn is very unique and Laura is very unique and lives in her own world. When the horn fell off of the unicorn it became less exotic and more usual, just like how Jim had momentarily brought Laura into a world of reality. Towards the end of the play the glass menagerie still symbolizes Laura. The symbolism reflects upon the changes of circumstances and Laura’s heart. Laura did not even want a gentleman caller, but when Jim came her life was changed forever. Before Jim came Laura could escape into her own world in her glass menagerie. Since Jim left she cannot escape anymore because she was brought into reality. She gave her unicorn to Jim, so whenever she looks at her glass menagerie and sees that the unicorn is missing, Laura will think of Jim. In that way, the glass menagerie can also symbolize escape. The title is named after Laura’s collection because it is the main symbol throughout the play. This title is appropriate because it symbolizes Laura’s fragility and
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