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Running Head: LOWER CHOLESTEROL 1 Taking care of yourself to lower your Cholesterol Laura Bramlett Kaplan University SC121, Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Unit 2, Assignment Professor Holly Painter October 27, 2014 LOWER CHOLESTEROL 2 Abstract On October 1, 2014, a 56 year old man, Mr. Brown, came in for his follow-up appointment to talk about his cholesterol panel. Mr. Brown’s cholesterol levels are not within healthy standards and he needs to change his life style before his health diminishes. Mr. Brown likes to eat and hates to…show more content…
Your LDL is 160 mg/dl which is high and we need to get it down to the normal range of 100 – 129 mg and your HDL is 33 mg/dl which is a poor level and needs to be 60mg/dl or higher to be at its best levels. (Mayo) What is LDL and HDL? Mr. Brown LDL is known as bad cholesterol and could lead to a buildup of cholesterols in your arteries if we do not get it under control. HDL is known as good cholesterol and it carries and collects the cholesterol from all over your body and sends it to the liver and the liver will remove the cholesterol from your body. Cholesterol is produced in the liver and small LOWER CHOLESTEROL 4 amounts of it is produced in the small intestine and individual cells and the causes of high cholesterol are as follows: is a person who is a smoker, is obese, has a poor diet with lack of exercise and a possible diabetic. (NIH) Mr. Brown, our records show that you smoke and are obese for your age and height. We need to get your good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol under control before it is too late and you have a heart attack or stroke. Reducing your high cholesterol is manageable and treatable, we just need you to commit on eating right and healthy so that you can lose some of your weight. I know you do not like to exercise but if you

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