Laurel Concord Coleridge High School Analysis

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Right now I am almost halfway through my senior year of high school, I am attending Laurel Concord Coleridge High School in Nebraska. I live in a small town called Coleridge. I have participated in volleyball, basketball, and track all through high school, I feel like I have demonstrated leadership skills in sports and in the classroom. In sports I am always trying to encourage my teammates and make sure they know what to do. If one of my teammates comes up and asks me a question I am always more than happy to answer it for them. I have also demonstrated these particular skills in the classroom. If I am in a group for a group project I make sure everyone knows what their part is in the assignment. I also help students who ask for it on their homework. Whether it is a teammate or another student…show more content…
I kept going door to door to help as many people as I could. I did not start picking up my own yard until I had helped all of my neighbors. Right now, it is very hard to tell that a tornado truly hit. I believe that I’ve achieved my goal of helping make our town spotless. I have weaknesses that I am not necessarily proud of. My weakness is adaptation. I haven haven't been put in a situation where I would need to adapt. I have lived in the same place and gone to the same school my whole life. However, I feel that I could overcome my weakness when I go to college because it will be different. I also have certain strengths. I am very hard working. Throughout high school I have had 3 jobs. I use the work skills I have developed from these jobs and transfer them into my schoolwork. I work hard to get my work done on time and done right. I will use these hard working skills once I get to college as well. I want to go to college so I can get a respectable job and not need worry about money as much. I want to live comfortably. I do not think that I could live comfortably if I do not go to
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