Laurence Made A Habit Of Leaving The Cabin Essay

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Laurence made a habit of leaving the cabin at first light. He liked the idea that his mother might be totally oblivious to whether or not he came home at all during the evening. He had spent the previous day sauntering between the front yard where he chopped firewood and the shaded cabin deck where he drank cold lemonade. Every so often, mostly when Laurence was chopping apart the forest wood, an image of the ranger’s scarred and malformed face wandered into his mind. He could not think what sort of gruesome accident or attack could have caused someone to look so malevolent. It took most of two days to chop all of the cabin’s firewood. During this time, Mrs. Rayes spent her time alternating between drink and sleep. When Laurence had chopped all of the cabin’s wood, Laurence began to explore the forest that lined the cabin’s yard and that confined the day’s light to a small, square patch of dried grass where upon his quaint cabin stood. In order to mark his passage through the tangled forest, he made small, triangular gouges in the trunk of every seven or five or three trees. The ease in which his hatchet cut marks into the limbs of each tree excited Laurence. With each successive mark, Laurence felt his life made all the more significant. Without conscience effort, the marks he made in each tree became deeper and more damaging. Some three hundred yards from the edge of the forest’s wall, Laurence, thinking once more his mother, hacked away at a singular tree until he

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