Laurent Clerc's Deaf School

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It is believed that Clerc became deaf by falling off of his high chair into the kitchen fireplace around age one. He had gotten a severe burn on his right cheek, and a fever developed, and later on his hearing and smelling senses were damaged. It was never quite clear whether he was born deaf, or if it had been a cause of his accident. Clerc’s parents had tried many different treatments to get Clercs hearing back, although none of them succeeded.

Clerc did not go to school and didn’t learn to read or write. For 11 years Clerc stayed at home instead of going to school. While at home Clerc spent his time either exploring the village, or taking care of the animals, such as; cows, turkeys, and horses. Eventually, at age 12 Clercs uncle-godfather, Laurent Clerc, who he was named after, entered him into the Institut National des Jeune Sourds-Muets, which was the first public school for the deaf in the world. In school, Clerc’s assistant teacher, Abbe Margaron, tried to teach Clerc to pronounce his words, which Clerc had a difficult time with this, at one point his difficulty in pronouncing words enraged Abbe so much that he hit Clerc So hard underneath his chin, which caused Clerc to accidentally bite his tongue so hard, he decided he wanted nothing to do with speaking, and would never again learn to speak. Because of this experience, it later caused Clerc to make his belief that signing is the greatest procedure for deaf…

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