Lauric Acid Research Paper

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Have you ever dreamed of having gorgeous, movie star quality hair without the movie star price? Guess what ladies? Your dream has come true and it doesn't require going to the salon or purchasing high-priced hair products. All it requires is a few items from your pantry! The key to healthy hair maintenance is to use natural foods and vitamins.
Fresh foods and vitamins are essential for nourishing your body, so why wouldn't it be for your hair as well? Many hair care companies advertise deep conditioners which can actually DAMAGE your hair even more! These products are loaded with sulfates, alcohol and an abundance of chemicals you can't even pronounce! So toss out the products and write down these recipes and tips. You'll be on your way to
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I use it as a conditioner every time I wash my hair! You can also put it on your eyebrows and eyelashes to condition them as well. You can find coconut oil at any organic supermarket! It works wonders for repairing breakage and helping hair to grow.
How does it work? The fats in the coconut oil work similarly to that of the fats in the mayonnaise and avocados; However it contains three different types of fat one of which is extremely rare called lauric acid. Lauric acid works not only to restore your hair's natural oils but to repair split ends! This is a MUST HAVE conditioner for healthy hair maintenance (and superfood!)!

3) This last tip is for those who dream of those long Hollywood locks without the extensions! The vitamin biotin is known for its growth properties in hair,skin and nails. However, instead of swallowing biotin, it should be applied directly to your hair. This way it's a lot more potent (instead of most of it being wasted during digestion). I take one to two biotin pills, crush them up and mix them in with my shampoo. When you do this make sure to massage the scalp thoroughly,so it can absorb the biotin as quickly as possible! You will start seeing results within two to four weeks. If desired, you can orally take prenatal vitamins to supplement the biotin, as prenatal vitamins have been proven to help your hair and nails
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