Laurie Character Analysis

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In an alternate universe someone else would take the blame for an individual’s bad behavior. Life would be great if bad behavior could be overlooked. Fortunately, that’s not true! We must be responsible for our behavior, whether it’s good or bad. Learning good behavior at a young age makes us better adults. Lets get to the story about Laurie. He was a new kindergarten student and did not want to follow the rules.

Before Laurie went to kindergarten he was a sweet, kind and obedient boy. Laurie decided that kindergarten was for big kids with big attitudes. Or, was this a defense mechanism for feeling terrified? His parents felt he could adjust to any situation and kindergarten would be an easy adjustment. The first day Laurie transformed into a rude and sassy boy, but his parents thought all was well at school.
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However, Laurie was telling his parents that Charles was a very bad boy causing all the problems. Who was Charles? Charles was Laurie’s scapegoat, his imaginary scapegoat. In fact, whenever there was a problem or bad behavior in Laurie’s family they would call it a “Charles” or acting like Charles. He was to blame for everything.

When a PTA meeting was called Laurie’s mother was eager to attend because she wanted to meet Charles’ mother. Laurie’s mother wanted to know what kind of mother could raise such a bad boy. Unfortunately, she discovered that Charles did not exist in reality, but only existed in Laurie’s stories of misconduct. Laurie was afraid of going off to school because it was new and different. Being afraid of something new is normal and adjusting can be difficult. Over time new things become normal and fear leaves. Laurie just needed time to adjust to his new
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