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For my author assignment, I attended an author signing/q&a for the New York Times best selling author, Laurie Halse Anderson. Around the time of the event, I had just got done reading some of her books which left me very passionate about her writing. I attended the event in hopes to learn about the inspirations and deeper meanings about her novels, and I left with a whole bunch of new knowledge along with a new favorite author. During the event, Laurie mainly talked about her life and what inspired her to do the things that she does, in hopes to do the same for young writers and dreamers. Not only does she write for herself, but she masterfully gives voice to teens and young adults undergoing major transformations in their lives through their perseverance and strength while finding the courage to be and stay true to themselves. When it comes to her writing, with…show more content…
While she is up there speaking through her very soul, you can automatically feel a deep connection to her and her writing. No matter what struggles you go through in life, putting yourself into the mind of someone else who might just be dealing with the same exact problems, can help a person more than anyone could think. Even though it was a question and answer with a presentation, it felt like so much more; without even reading an excerpt from one of her books, you can still hear the very same unique tone and emotional depth speak through her very words. After I left the panel, reading her books became so much more of an emotional and heartfelt ride. Reading an author's books is one thing, but actually getting to sit down and have a conversation about how their life and the deeper things that hide within it, is so much more fulfilling. She has taught me to not be afraid to speak, to put my feelings out there through writing, and most importantly to be myself and to always stick to it with dreams and
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