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Speak Essay Melinda was an outcast and loner in high school who was overwhelmed, fearful, and confused with her life and her environment at school. She was always silent in class and afraid to speak in front of people. Many students today might feel the need to fit in with other people so they wouldn’t have to be looked down upon. As we take a look at Melinda’s life we’ll be able to see how she handles her daily conflicts. In the book, Speak, Melinda Sordino, an incoming freshman at Merryweather High, starts her year off with a terrible start. She’s stuck with a mean history teacher, by who she calls Mr. Neck and a whole bunch of other weird teachers like her English teacher of who she calls, Hairwomen, because of her crazy, uncombed…show more content…
Hairwomen is hammering it to death” (Anderson 101). This shows that Melinda doesn’t really enjoy how they’re reading the book because of how the class is reading one sentence at a time and analyzing every small thing in the book. Melinda was thinking why Nathaniel couldn’t just say what he meant straightforward but figured how it would be boring if he just repeated everything he said in the book. That’s why he used symbolism in the story to make it more interesting. In another example, Melinda says “I can see us, living in the woods, her wearing that A, me with an S maybe, S for silent, for stupid, for scared. S for silly. For shame” (Anderson 101). This shows that Melinda is emotionally unstable and thinks of herself in many bad ways such as her being dumb and afraid. It also shows that Melinda is kind of mad at herself for the person she is. For that, she makes herself feel ashamed. Another allusion that was used by the author was Picasso. During art class, Mr. Freeman says “ ‘Picasso.’ He whispers like a priest. ‘Picasso. Who saw the truth. Who painted the truth, molded it, ripped from the earth with two angry hands’ ” (Anderson 118). This allusion shows that Picasso was an amazing artist and can be capable of inspiring people like Melinda, who has her imagination paralyzed, to come up with a good art piece. Melinda agreed to go through the book
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