Lauryn Hill's Song 'Mystery Of Iniquity'

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Bobbie Newell, Jr.
Dr. DuBose
English 102:02
November 14th, 2017 Has the criminal justice system always been unfair to minorities? Lauryn Hill, a famous songwriter talks about several things that opened the eyes of citizens everywhere across this nation in her album MTV Unplugged No. 2.0. In her song, “Mystery of Iniquity” she exposes the unjust court system and how everyone plays a part. The word iniquity means immoral unfair behavior. In the song Lauryn is trying to understand the meaning of the unfair behavior by the criminal justice system. She released this album in 2001, and she was not wrong for publicizing her views on this masterpiece of an album. We tend to forget that under President Clinton’s term, he enforced the 3 strikes and you're out policy, which placed more African American men in person for using crack cocaine than ever before. In the early 2000s, African Americans made up nearly 80% of a prison's population due to the federal crack cocaine laws and they also served more time in prison for drug offenses than their white counterparts. However, during this time period more than 67% (⅔) of crack cocaine users were either white or Hispanic. The theme of this paper is, the discrimination in courtrooms. The reason for this theme is because, once you listen to the 3rd stanza of this poem you can tell what it is and how the system is in operation to imprison African Americans, and it will never change. The paper will focus on these few topics, a corrupt law system, bias judges and perjury from peers. As a matter of fact, in the poem “Mystery of Iniquity” the writer Lauryn Hill examines discrimination in courtrooms to illustrate, a corrupt law system, bias judges, and perjury. Hill shows a corrupt law system through discrimination in courtrooms from different aspects in her poem. In the first stanza line 2-3, Hill is introducing the the sad and horrible truth of the American legal system. According to Hill in Line 2 she states “....misery of iniquity…...history of iniquity”. Hill argues that the unhappiness of African American in prison due to their long and extensive prison sentence is a prime example of the corrupt law system. This supports the thesis statement because during the “war on

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