Lava Domes In The Andes Mountains Of South America

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Lava domes are classified into five different categories based on their qualities and features that make them unique. These five lava domes are, Tortas, Peleean, Coulees, Upheaved Plugs, and Cryptodomes. Each of these domes have their own properties that make them their own category. Tortas is the first type of lava dome. It received it’s name for resembling a cake named “tortas”. This dome is common worldwide but is mainly found in the Andes mountains of South America. It’s typically has the appearance of being flat topped and roughly circled. Unlike the other four lava domes, this dome erupts on flat ground and causes lava to spread outwards at a low range. A tortas’s diameter ranges from a kilometer to a few meters. These domes are also
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