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Law 101 Introduction to Law Overview Jointly taught by members of the Faculty of Law, this introduction to Canadian law covers the basic legal areas of most relevance in modern society. The course is open to all Western undergraduates (other than law students enrolled in the J.D. program). There are no pre requisites. Schedule This full year course consists of three lecture hours per week, in two 90 minute blocks. The classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 P.M. 5:00 P.M., in Room 40 of the Labatt Health Sciences Building. Readings The required text is Law 101: Introduction to Law (12th ed, 2014). Students are expected to attend the classes and prepare for them by reading the assigned pages. The syllabus handed out in class sets out the…show more content…
Criminal Procedure Thursday Nov 4 Chris Sherrin Introduction, Arbitrary Detention, Search and Seizure CP 2 to CP 12 Tuesday Nov 11 Chris Sherrin Rights to Counsel & Silence, Exclusion of Evidence CP 12 to CP 20 F. Canadian Human Rights Thursday Nov 13 Michael Lynk Overview, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Ontario Human Rights Code, Discrimination, Race CHR 2 to CHR 22 Tuesday Nov 18 Michael Lynk Duty to Accommodate/Gender, Religion, Disability CHR 22 to CHR 37 G. International Law Thursday Nov 20 Valerie Oosterveld Tuesday Nov 25 Valerie Oosterveld Thursday Nov 27 Valerie Oosterveld Tuesday Dec 2 Mysty Clapton The Dualist Approach to Integrating International Law into Domestic Law The Monist Approach to Integrating International Law into Domestic Law Case Study on the Interaction of Canadian and International Law Relating to Terrorism End of Term Closing & Exam Tips IL 2 to IL 13 IL 14 to IL 23 IL 24 to IL 38 Law 101 - Spring Term 2015 Date Professor Topic Readings H. Residential Landlord and Tenant Tuesday, Jan 6 Jason Voss Landlord/Tenant Law Thursday, Jan 8 Jason Voss Landlord/Tenant Law (cont’d) LT 2 to LT 40 Skim the readings as a background resource No new readings Tuesday, Jan 13 Jason Voss Landlord/Tenant Law (cont’d) No new readings Thursday, Jan 15 Jason Voss Landlord/Tenant Law (cont’d) No new readings I. Powers of Attorney & Wills Tuesday, Jan 20 Doug Ferguson Powers of Attorney PW 2

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