Law 310 : Week 5 You Decide- Taking Business Global

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LAWS-310: Week 5 You Decide- Taking Business Global Jeff Jolly Professor Melanie Morris DeVry University 1 April 2017 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Evaluating Proposals 3 Global Implications 5 Protection from Personal Liability 7 Conclusion 7 References 9 Introduction This memo has been created to present all current proposals in regard to the supply of widgets for Gloria Smithson’s company to meet the requirements of current orders by customers. Though the ideal supply of widgets from domestic based companies is advised for several reasons, we will examine other options that may be more beneficial for Mrs. Smithson’s company. We will look at a local proposal coming from the same area as…show more content…
• The offer needs to be communicated in writing or verbally to the offeree. • The terms set out in the offer need to be concrete and unambiguous. With further examination of the three proposals provided to Mrs. Smithson, we have verified that all three have met the criteria to qualify them as formal offers to supply widgets for her business. The details of the three proposals that offer specific quantities of widgets and their prices are as follows. Greenleaf Manufacturing has offered to manufacture up to 6,000,000 widgets per year at a cost of $5.01 each. Sunrise LTD in Quanzhou, China has offered to manufacture 100% of Mrs. Smithson’s needs at a cost of $4.01 each. The third offer comes from Groupo Embarco located in Brazil offers to manufacture 10,000,000 widgets per year at a cost of $3.83 each, with the willingness to expand his operations to provide more widgets if required. Upon further review of the details that are included in Greenleaf Manufacturing’s proposal, the set deadline has passed (March 3, 2016). If Greenleaf Manufacturing would still like to be a part of the selection process, they will need to make a revised offer with current dates. All three proposals promise to manufacture a portion or all of the required widgets at a given

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