Law And Policy Case Study

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Law and Policy Case Study
Information security is often still playing in companies only a minor role. Many companies neglect aspects such as system misuse, sabotage or even espionage. But by now the reality has caught up with them. Straight from abroad there are more hacker attacks and espionage by competitors. Therefore, the law requires different approaches before to ensure information security. Companies must for example ensure that their information-processing systems are protected and kept safe.
Information security is a condition in which the risks to the security objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information technology are reduced by adequate measures to an acceptable level. Information security includes not only the security of IT systems and the data stored in the security of not electronically processed and stored data and information.
- Confidentiality: Confidential data, information and programs must be protected from unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure. For the protection of objects include stored or transported message content, the more detailed information about the communication process (who, when, how long, with whom) as well as the data on the transmit and receive operation.
- Integrity: The concept of integrity refers both to information, data and the entire IT system. Means the integrity of the information is complete and correct. Completeness means that all pieces of information are available. The
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