Law And The Culture Industries

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Nicholas Wilson
Law and the Culture Industries
Lecturer – Dr Catherine Bond
Research Essay

Essay Question- Select one of the topics studied in this course. What are the regulatory difficulties in this area? What reforms, if any, are necessary?
Topic: Entertainment Franchises: transmedia and the importance of character rights

Things to watch,,, obvious, grammar, spelling and punctuan, lose pride, refine when possible, don’t be too word or elaborate, reduce passivity,
Topic sentence for big para, and make sure it flows from that topic sentence, not so much for short and punchy paras,
Use more legal terminology

Introduction- New Title

Transmedia: an integral function of Entertainment Franchises
Entertainment franchises have become the most valuable economic function of the entertainment industry in modern times and there is a lot to explore in respect to this multidimensional monopoly. Along with the multifaceted nature of these organisations, numerous legal implications emerge.
A successful franchise creates worlds that survive and thrive, despite repeated readings and viewings, shifts in fashion, value and taste, deadening of postmodern interpretation; thus generating renewable energy and perpetual existence in the market place. Merchandising and marketing are important processes in sustaining this presence in between media releases. The transmedia narrative of the franchise that is always taking different form producing the story or experience
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