Law And Traffic Violations

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A NYPD officer was recently recorded telling a traffic violator it was Mayor de Blasio's fault the violator was getting a traffic violation summons. However, the fact of the matter remains--who committed the violation, you, or the Mayor?

If you received a summons under the Mayors, Vision Zero enforcement policy, taking it to court, pleading the policy is at fault, will not help your case. Wasn't it you that allegedly violated the law? Yes, so fight the violation on its merits, not blaming someone else for the cause, because, enforcement of the policy is irrelevant in court. You need an experienced lawyer to help fight your case.

Depending on what violation the summons was actually issued for, the particulars are what's contested. A lawyer determines whether the elements of the offense are proven against you, or if they were legally obtained. That's were getting advise from a good lawyer benefits you, don't go it alone. If you take it to court on your own, and expect to get off the hook because you blame the Mayor, think again.
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Issuing summonses reduces the number of violations. It doesn't matter how many the police issue, what matters is what for and what they will prove. Every violation has something that is contestable. If pleading guilty or no contest, you lose the opportunity to either have the charge reduced or
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